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Strengths And Weaknesses
By Norbert Huszti
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AFC North

Best Secondary: Its a tough one, between the Browns and the Ravens but just because of the difference between the FS is the Ravens.

Weakest Secondary: Its also a close call. But considering the starting positions, the Steelers SS is the decider.

Best LBs: The Steelers LBs are young, lots of potential, already great unit.

Weakest LBs: The Bengals is slightly weaker than the Browns, but overall this is one of the strongest position of the Divison.

Best Defensive Line: Again really close call, but the Ravens has the best DL.

Weakest Defensie Line:
Pittsburg has a really strong DL overall, but maybe slightly weaker then the other teams.

Best Offensive Line: Ravens has the best OL. Their only below 80 BK skill belongs to one of the tweaked OG.

Weakest Offensive Line:
Browns has the weakest OL but again only with a little.

Best Passing Unit:
Steelers wins this one. Best WR and QB in the division, two solid TEs.

Weakest Passing Unit: Browns has a really good QB and TE but an aging WR and a Rookie who needs to prove himself.

Best Running Unit:
The Steelers has the best runnning unit of the division. They recently acquired HB Reynolds from the Jets...nuff said.

Worst Running Unit: Ravens has the aging HB Brentley and young backups.

Overall its a really balanced division with well built teams.

AFC East

Best Secondary: Without a question its the Dolphins. They added Ramsey to the already strong unit.

Weakest Secondary:
The Jets maybe has a less taented group, but the way KD uses them they do the job.

Best LBs
: Aging but really solid Dolphins unit wins this one.

Weakest LBs:
Buffalo needs to improve in this part of the field.

Best Defensive Line: The division is really solid in this front, yet I think the Bills has the best DL.

Weakest Defensive Line: Maybe the Jets has a little weaker DL, but really really close call.

Best Offensive Line: Patriots has the best OL of the Division, but pretty solid overall.

Weakest Offensive Line:
Dolphins loses this one.

Best Passing Unit: The Patriots has the best starting line up with a solid OL. Really close call again.

Weakest Passing Unit:
The Jets because of their QB and TE.

Best Running Unit:
Dolphins had a solid FB and now they added the 1.1 player of the draft HB Ezekiel Elliot

Weakest Running Unit: Bills has the weakest HB and FB.

Pretty solid Division, with solid GMs. With the departure of M.Kleinknecht they weakened a bit.

AFC South

Best Secondary: The Colts wins it with their solid Safeties.

Weakest Secondary: Titans needs some serious improvements in the upcoming years.

Best LBs: Colts are better than anyone in the division in this part of the field.

Weakest LBs: Titans here as well.

Best Defensive Line: Colts has the most balanced DL.

Weakest Defensive Line:
The Titans has tiny tiny bit weaker DL, but overall one of the closest in the league.

Best Offensive Line:
Titans has the best OL, pretty solid guys here.

Weakest Offensive Line: Texans has some work to do in this area.

Best Passing Unit: Texans has the edge with the veteran TE Carter, but again a close one.

Weakest Passing Unit: A close one between the Titans and Jaguars, but QB Tannehill makes me choose the Jaguars.

Best Running Unit
: Texans with a solid HB Gleason and one of the best FB in the game Short.

Weakest Running Unit: Jaguars, just because the Rookie HB Henry has a lot to prove.

With a new GM and one on the HotSeat it will be interesting.

AFC West

Best Secondary:
I would choose the Raiders, but I dont think position change Ashford to SS with his 45 tackle was the right move, so Chiefs are the winner.

Weakest Secondary:
I chose the Chargers because of their weak SS.

Best LBs:
The Broncos has the slight edge over the Raiders.

Weakest LBs: Chiefs is the loser of this one.

Best Defensive Line: Broncos has the best DL and the coaching skills that Pete has its a scarry thing.

Weakest Defensie Line: The Chargers DL slightly the loser here.

Best Offensive Line: I feel a slight edge towards the Raiders.

Weakest Offensive Line: This division is really close, but I feel the Chargers has the weakest OL.

Best Passing Unit: Broncos because Pete really like to use to use 1WR plays, and he has two really solid TEs and a really solid WR.

Weakest Passing Unit: And a tough one again, I chose the Chiefs.

Best Running Unit: Broncos has very solid HB and FB.

Worst Running Unit: Slight disadvantage towards the Chiefs. Especially when you know how much Jim likes to run.

There were some shuffle of GMs and now this Division will be one of the toughest.

Overall AFC

Best Secondary: Dolphins

Weakest Secondary: Titans

Best LBs: Dolphins

Weakest LBs: Titans

Best Defensive Line: Ravens

Weakest Defensie Line: Chargers

Best Offensive Line: Titans

Weakest Offensive Line: Texans

Best Passing Unit: Steelers

Weakest Passing Unit: Browns

Best Running Unit: Texans

Worst Running Unit: Bills

NFC North

Best Secondary:
Packers has a slight advantage here.

Weakest Secondary: The only decent player in the Lions secondary is the SS. Not good enough.

Best LBs: The Bears is the only team where all of the LBs are above 80 OVR.

Weakest LBs: Lions need some OLB improvement in the next few seasons.

Best Defensive Line: Tough one, but the Packers has the best DL.

Weakest Defensie Line: Maybe the Vikings has slightly weaker DL than the others.

Best Offensive Line:
I feel that the Vikings has the most balanced OL.

Weakest Offensive Line:
Bears needs to invest a lot in the OL. The left side looks scarry.

Best Passing Unit: The Packers has the slight advantage over the Bears. Jevan Wright is a monster.

Weakest Passing Unit:
The only reason I chose Vikings is the rookie QB Wentz. Otherwise pretty solid passing units in the Division.

Best Running Unit: Maybe the Bears. I'm leaning towards them because of the depth and the FB they have.

Worst Running Unit: No idea... Vikings?

NFC East

Best Secondary: I'm leaning towards the Giants.

Weakest Secondary:
The Eagles might has the worst secondary in the league, easy decision.

Best LBs: The veteran Eagles LBs are the best in this division.

Weakest LBs: I only choose the Giants because of the unproven rookie ROLB Cravens. Really tough competion.

Best Defensive Line: Giants, sooooooooo close.

Weakest Defensie Line:
Eagles just because the others are soooo close to each other.

Best Offensive Line:
Rich is developing his OL really nice, and now he added the third best OL player of the draft. Cowboys.

Weakest Offensive Line: Eagles has an overaged OL with a big hole at LG.

Best Passing Unit: The Giants has the most balanced unit in the Division.

Weakest Passing Unit: Eagles does not have good enough Wrs to compete with the other teams.

Best Running Unit:
Giants has pretty solid unit.

Weakest Running Unit: Eagles, because HB Coles does not have the power or the speed to be good enough. Also the FB looks the worst in the Division.

NFC South

Best Secondary:
Panthers wins this one.

Weakest Secondary:
Falcons looks a little weaker than the others, but not by much.

Best LBs: Saints has the slight edge here. Their MLB Hallertauer is a beast.

Weakest LBs: Bucs OLBs are weaker than the other teams.

Best Defensive Line:
Falcons has better DL than the other teams. Three former first round pick.

Weakest Defensie Line:
I cant decide. I just pick one. Panthers.

Best Offensive Line: Falcons has a slight slight edge.

Weakest Offensive Line:
Saints has some busted and regressed OL so they have the weakest unit.

Best Passing Unit: Falcons has 4(!) T1 Wrs plus TE Eifert plus QB Mariota. Best passing unit in the ICL.

Weakest Passing Unit: Bucs has a tiny bit weaker Wrs and QB.

Best Running Unit: HB Robinson is one of the best Rbs in the ICL ever. Falcons is the winner.

Weakest Running Unit:
Saints has an aging HB Lacy and a mediocre FB.

NFC West

Best Secondary: Tough one between the Rams and Seahawks. I feel Seahawks's is more balanced.

Weakest Secondary:
Cards's secondary might be the weakest in NFC.

Best LBs: 49ers wins here.

Weakest LBs:
The Cards does not look. They need serious investment.

Best Defensive Line: In the future it will be 49ers, but right now I'd go with the Cards.

Weakest Defensie Line: 49ers has lots of potential, but 2 rookies needs to prove himself.

Best Offensive Line: Cards has the strongest OL.

Weakest Offensive Line: Rams has a really weak C. Weakest starter in NFC.

Best Passing Unit: Cards might have a little edge, but the passing units are quite equal.

Weakest Passing Unit: 49ers feels a tiny bit weaker than the others.

Best Running Unit: Mike Davis and Dak Short with a strong FB brings this one home for the 49ers.

Weakest Running Unit: Seahawks has the weakest FB and no dolid backups behind HB Foster.

Overall NFC

Best Secondary: Seahawks

Weakest Secondary: Eagles

Best LBs: Bears

Weakest LBs: Cards

Best Defensive Line: Falcons

Weakest Defensie Line: Eagles

Best Offensive Line: Cards

Weakest Offensive Line: Bears

Best Passing Unit: Falcons

Weakest Passing Unit: Eagles

Best Running Unit: Falcons

Weakest Running Unit: Eagles
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